Find Out How Scalable Your Acquisition Target's Tech Stack Is. Fast.

Radix Technologies provides technical due diligence services for investors who want answers to the two most important questions about any acquisition: will the tech stack scale, and how much will it cost?

If you are a private equity, venture capital, angel investor or operator seeking fast and reliable answers:

Radix Technologies offers a simpler, faster and more reliable method for performing technical due diligence.

  • Most investors use IT consultants to perform their technical due diligence.
  • While effective, their inflexible scope maximizes their billable hours, not investors' insights.
  • IT consulting firms have an outsider perspective lacking on-the-ground context.
  • Our experience in the trenches growing technology platforms uncovers critical information and human factors hidden inside Product and Engineering teams.
  • This is the missing piece investors require to assess the technical scale of their targets.

Radix Technologies has this precise skillset.

We cut to the chase, obtaining key insights and delivering greater value from a strategic operator perspective.

Radix Delivers

Our service model generates answers for potential investors as quickly as possible, not driving up hours to check the boxes.

Engagements focus on delivering simplicity, ease-of-use and low overhead for acquirers, both financially and operationally.

Radix provides an easy-to-engage and pragmatic technical due diligence solution from an efficient provider offering:

  • Decades of successful technical diligence engagements, from both buy- and sell-side, before and after integration
  • Deep understanding of private equity and venture capital investment strategies, deal dynamics and post-transaction growth expectations
  • Multiple successful scale-outs in building technology platforms, IT, product and engineering teams for private equity investors
  • Cultural orientation aligned with target company practitioners which cuts through details to deliver unique insights
  • Pragmatic model establishing what look-forward scale requires in technical, financial and operational terms and defining a path to achieving it for investors

Our Team

Radix Technologies consists of a small network of highly-experienced technical leaders, with decades of experience growing businesses and working closely with investors.

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